Love snooker? Love podcasts? Love PlayStation Snooker 19? Love this…

Sadly we had to stop recording new episodes in Autumn 2022. We have left the site up for fans to still find our archive of episodes and we still have a community of PlayStation Snooker 19 players with a choice of league/ladder and tournament modes for folks to join.

Michael Wright and Lee McAllister hosted the podcast and met some great personalities in and around the sport and remain keen watchers of the noble sport.

You can listen to us on any of the podcast platforms and/or view the videos of the episodes on our YouTube channel.

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1 thought on “Love snooker? Love podcasts? Love PlayStation Snooker 19? Love this…”

  1. Mark King Interview is best yet by a mile. Even the production seemed more professional instead of the questions coming thru at twice the volume level of the guests answers.
    More “journeymen” please

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