No Aim League


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No Aim Premier League (all matches BO1) – Updated 10pm 28 May 23

PPlayerMWLFAFrmTop BrkPointsDiff
1LeeMc147 431314346+2
2Bannnger44 43131486+2
3Welshboy_147 43131406+2
4Kevin Bywater 30303300-3
5charltonbondboy 30303300-3
Fixtures (you win 2 points for a win)

All games to be played before Mon 29 May

  1. LeeMc147 0v1 Bannnger44, Welshboy_147 1v0 Kevin Bywater
  2. Welshboy_147 1v0 charltonbondboy, LeeMc147 1v0 Kevin Bywater
  3. Bannnger44 0v1 Welshboy_147, Kevin Bywater v charltonbondboy
  4. Bannnger44 1v0 Kevin Bywater, charltonbondboy 0v1 LeeMc147
  5. LeeMc147 1v0 Welshboy_147, charltonbondboy 0v1 Bannnger44

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